Monday, September 17, 2012

Introduction to the Temple of Life Project

Beginning on September 28th, 2012 I and volunteers will break ground on a Temple of Life which will be constructed at Gateway Ranch near Flagstaff, Arizona.

This will be a Temple of no particular religion, denomination, or belief. It will be built for the purpose of inspiring all who enter it to think lofty thoughts, feel a connection with all life, and connect with spirit, their own highest self, and the best that is within them.

The Temple will be a collaborative art project. It will be decorated with found objects, recyclables, and re-purposed materials. Everyone is welcome to participate by making pieces for the Temple.

The weekend of September 29th we will be building the foundation. If all goes well that weekend, we will start the framing of the structure the following weekend, Oct.6,7,. This second weekend will also be an event called Soul'd Out at Gateway Ranch. You are invited to come to Gateway and help either or both weekends.
The construction of the Temple of Life will be a dance. We will all participate and contribute together to make this an inspiring and uplifting experience for all of us and for all who visit it.

More details will be posted as things develop.
Join us in building a temple!