Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Structure Complete!

Mark and Kurt attach the sheathing
The weather, once again, proved challenging last weekend as we worked to finish the structural portion of building the temple. It was a little snowy on Saturday and windy, too. In spite of that, we got all the roof framing done for the four bays. We thought that was all we would be able to get done the whole weekend but, by the end of Saturday, we had gotten much farther than expected. Early Sunday morning Royce and Bill did a quick run to get the plywood needed to sheath the new roofs and we got down to it under clear skies, for a change.

Dan, Kurt, and Bill celebrate the completion of the structure
We sawed, hammered, and screwed the sheathing on, one bay at a time. Bill nailed the last board on at about 5:30PM and we were done. The new roofs really changed the look of the temple, in a positive way. Thanks to Bill, Jana, Kurt, Laura, Dan, and Mark for all their hard work.

The next part of the building process is to get the roofing metal on and start affixing artistic stuff to the walls, inside and out. We invite you all to start saving art materials for use on the temple. See the Materials Wish List page for information on what we are looking for.

Mosaic Workshop in Prescott on April 20-21. We will make mosaics for the exterior of the temple. You can learn how to do mosaic at this workshop. Most workshops of this type would cost over $100 but all we request is a donation of $15 to $20 to cover materials plus one of your completed mosaics to decorate the Temple of Life. The instructor is Juanita Hull-Carlson, who has done many mosaic projects all over Arizona. More details on the workshop in the next blog post.

Next Work Party is April 27-28, 2013. We will be starting the artistic part of the project at this work party. We will install the mosaics created at the mosaic workshop, put metal roofing on, install the big skylight up top, and more.

Things are getting more exciting as the project progresses. Come and join us!