Materials Wish List

The structural part of building the temple is finished! Now we need art supplies.

Please start saving durable trash, recyclables, and found objects. There are lots of things I am sure you can find. Just remember that whatever we use must be durable, especially on the exterior of the temple. It will need to withstand temperatures below zero and up to 100 degrees Fahrenheit. It will need to withstand rain, snow, and sun, and winds up to 100 miles per hour.
Here is a list of the kinds of materials that we would love to get our hands on:

colored glass
broken dishes and other ceramic bits
colorful tiles
cool stones
bottle and jar caps
tin cans
aluminum cans
corrugated steel roofing,
translucent colored plastic
steel or aluminum parts and scraps
interesting wood pieces like picture frame material
trim wood, mouldings,
weathered barn wood
cement board (Wonderboard or Hardibacker)
100% silicone caulk
staples or other fasteners

Save it all and bring it to Gateway or to me in Prescott or use it yourself on your art section(s). Even if you aren’t going to use the material yourself, someone else may need it for their part of the temple.
If there is a material you are thinking about collecting but are not sure it will be tough enough for the temple, just ask me. Have fun collecting!

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