Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Mosaics for the Temple

Last weekend twelve people came to our mosaic workshop in Prescott to make mosaics for the Temple of Life and to learn the techniques. The weather was perfect and the company marvelous. It was a good time for all. We now have 12 of the 24 mosaics needed as feature panels on the exterior walls of the four bays. Juanita Hull-Carlson was the instructor. She has years of experience teaching mosaic techniques in schools all over the Southwest. Her unique and entertaining teaching style was enjoyed by all. Royce Carlson assisted her, and learned the technique himself.

The mosaics are all so beautiful and different! It was great to see the diversity of design ideas. Thanks to all the participants in the workshop: Abby Brill; Edessa Carr; James DuFour; Diana Erickson; Shelley Morgan; Kate Rusch; Renne Sechez; Corina Shelton; Sekah Sneller; and Mary Lou Wills
Thanks, also, to Greenlee Tile, in Prescott, for donating materials to the project.
Special thanks to Sekah and Sirius for letting us invade their backyard to do this and for making two of the mosaics.

We will be having another mosaic-making workshop at Gateway Ranch in Flagstaff, May 18-19, 2013. At this workshop we hope to make twelve more mosaics so we will have all of the exterior mosaic panels completed. Royce will be running this workshop, since Nita will be out of town. There will be other artwork going on the temple that weekend, also.

Let the ART continue!

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