Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Roofing, Mosaics and More

 Frank, Jana, Bill and Royce at the June work party
Since the last post we have had two work parties. At the June work party, which was held on the 29th to 30th, we put metal roofing on each of the four bays. This work party occurred during record heat in the area so we had to get it all done early in the morning. On Saturday we started putting roofing on at 6AM and had to quit by 10AM due to extreme heat. Sunday was about the same. We also mounted the 24 exterior mosaic panels that were created during the work parties in April and May. In spit of the 100 degree-plus heat, our intrepid crew managed to get it all done. Thanks to Frank, Bill, and Jana!

Jana cuts a can for the roof flashing.
The July work party was last weekend (July 13-14) and we got several little construction things done. We framed the upper windows so they are now ready for glass. We put flashing on the bay roofs where they meet the upper walls on the central tower. Most of the flashing was cut from old Coleman fuel cans.
We cut and mounted wooden panels on the inside that are now ready to be encrusted with assemblage art, and we got the roof deck caulked and ready for the heavy duty roof paint that will be the final surface. We had a small crew this time. It was just Royce, Bill and Jana, with a little help on Sunday from their friend Ray. Thanks!

The weather was much better for the July work party. It started out clear, warmed up considerably, and just when you started thinking that it was getting too hot, clouds moved in and it cooled down. This was followed by an afternoon thunderstorm which really cooled things down. The sunsets were beautiful.

Jana hands a piece of flashing up to Bill on the roof.
We are trying to get far enough along in the building process so that the Temple of Life can be used this October at an event early in the month. We still have a lot to do to get to that point. Here are some of the goals we need to accomplish in the next couple of months:

Fabricate and install roof deck railings. - Jana and Royce will do the fabricating of the steel railings.
Get heavy duty roof paint on the upper deck.
Fabricate the permanent ladder that will be used to access the roof deck.
Create assemblage art panels for the inside entries to each of the bays.
Install drywall on the upper part of the walls in the central tower.

The next work party is not scheduled yet. There may not be one in August due to everyone having so much going on. When we do schedule a work party, one of the main components will be an assemblage art workshop. Assemblage is a multimedia process where panels are painted and then cool stuff is glued and/or screwed onto it to create a collage of sorts using durable small objects.

Bill attaches metal flashing.
We are getting there. We started the project in September of last year and have come a long way. Especially since we only get to work on the temple one weekend each month. All hail to the many volunteers who have contributed time to putting this temple together and special thanks to Mark and Kate who own the property where we are building the temple and have been paying for most of the building materials so far.

We would really like to do some crowd-source funding via Kickstarter or Indiegogo. If anyone reading this blog has experience setting up a campaign, and would like to help out by coordinating, let us know. We are happy to assist. Royce can edit the video, we can come up with cool incentive gifts for donors at different levels, and all of us who have been involved will promote the campaign wherever we can.

The Temple of Life shines in the sun after a storm
Until next time, THANKS ALL!


  1. Oh, wow! The temple is almost done! Was that a stained glass skylight in the second to the last photo? It seems that artistry is certainly a part of this temple, huh? The mosaics on the walls were beautiful. You're done installing the metal roof. What would be your next project after this?

    Joanne Barragan @ Tedrick’s Roofing

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